Biomass System

Frew Foods International generate 100% of their hot water from their newly installed Biomass Hot Water Generator. Reducing the need for natural gas on site by 90%.

Powered by sustainable was...

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Dexa System

Frew Foods International have installed a hot carcass Xray visualisation system inline.

This system Xray's every carcass and matches that Xray imagine & data to the body number which links ...

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Livestock Tracking System

NLIS ear-tag identification and tracking system. Frew Foods International has installed this system throughout their facility. At point of delivery of all livestock at FFI Livestock lairage area is scanned and each lamb or sheep is recorded by the uni...

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Solar Panels

Frew Foods International have installed 5320 Solar panels 1.7 megawatts can be generated from these panels, coving 60% of our electricity requirements through the summer period. Future expansion of our solar farm is most likely as we expand the site.

Spray Chilling System

Frew Foods International has installed spray chilling in all their chillers to reduce carcass weight loss through the chilling process. The chilled water reducing the temperature of the carcasses to assist with carcass chilling and the fine water spray on th...

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Trade Waste System

Frew Foods International remove all solids through Contro Shear system and smaller particles through our DAF system.

Then the waste water is feed into our 3 stage dam system, 2 of the th...

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Wind Power

Frew Foods International are currently looking at purchasing electricity from a near by Windfarm that will commence in 2023 as part of an expansion plan for the site that will see our electricity requirements triple by 2025.