NLIS ear-tag identification and tracking system.

Frew Foods International has installed this system throughout their facility.

At point of delivery of all livestock at FFI Livestock lairage area is scanned and each lamb or sheep is recorded by the unique ear tag. Livestock is split into two areas.

Sorted to be processed the next day, or they are sorted to go to the Farm for a period.

This information that is capture is sent off to the Department of Agriculture everyday.

Livestock processing, the individual animals ear tag is scanned, a hook with a chip in it is allocated to that carcass, a body number is allocated to each carcass, this body number remains with that carcass through-out the total process within the facility.

The animals without electronic ear-tag are still tracked through the system in batches, by receiving a hook number, & body number . At present Victoria are the only State that has taken up the ear tags tacking. The other states are working on also rolling the system out over the next couple of years.

This system is critical to tracking livestock and must be rolled out all over Australia if the industry wants to see improvement in animal welfare, breeding, quality, food safety.