Frew Foods International have always re-invested back into their business, to maintain the required high quality standards we have set ourselves.

  • The latest modern transport fleet.
  • Robotics for stacking finished products.
  • Auto carton forming systems.
  • Automatic indexing lamb chiller. Reduce handling and increase shelf-life.
  • Atec cutting saw to increase product yield and shelf life.
  • Atec rack barrel system to increase yields, and shelf-life, and to reduce major cut.
  • Ear tag scanning system to record and monitor lambs through our production line. This information can then be feed back to the supplier to assist them in their business.
  • Latest shrink and drying systems to reduce energy usage. Reduce steam.
  • Buying the latest vacuum packing systems to improve our product.
  • Upgrading processing room layout and conveyor systems to reduce product movements, increase shelf life, reduce OH&S issues. And increase product through put, and the quality of the end product.
  • Installed 2500 solar panels that generate 35% of the annual power usage.
  • Work with BioMax to produce fertiliser from our animal waste.

Frew Foods International lead the way in many areas when it comes to technology, we believe that re investment back into new technologies, or best practice is an investment in the future.