Frew Foods International is passionate about the development and upskilling of our workforce. All employees have access to further their education through our partnership with South West Tafe. Staff have access to a range of accredited qualifications and customised short courses.

We have fully qualified trainers working onsite with employees to ensure the needs of the company are met and meet the standards of their training.

Prior to commencement of employment all applicants participate in a two day pre-employment program. This course enables all new employees to gain valuable knowledge required in the industry and in particular Frew Foods International’s policies and procedures.

Employment opportunities

Skilled process workers

For the processing floor, breaking room, packing rooms, knife hands, sawyers, load out, maintenance, transport, administration and general labourers.

Unskilled employees are trained in the above areas upon placement in our workforce.

Career pathways

From time to time vacancies arise in departments such as Quality Assurance leading hands and supervision. These are advertised internally and we always look to promote from within.